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Why us? We take all your rental problems away from you
You purchased your property for rental yield and capital appreciation. You did not buy it to be bombarded with problems of the tenant which could be minor ones, such as the changing of an electric bulb; or major ones, such as the bursting of a water pipe, or an aluminum window threatening to fall into the street.  In bad economic times, it gets even worse.  Your tenant will try all sorts of ways to get out of the contract because he wants to move elsewhere which is cheaper.  You will find yourself faced with your tenants marital problems, his being laid off, him having bought Lehman Brothers mini-bonds, accumulators etc,. Anyway, the phone never stops ringing. 

When you find that this is not worth it, pass your property on to us and we will let you get on with your life.  Our professional handyman team will deal with all your maintenance problems while our legal experts will monitor the negotiations and handle them objectively.  You will be fully apprised of your rights together with an up-to-date picture of the current rental market so that an optimum decision can be made.  Our experienced team will be the buffer between you and your tenant to ease all unnecessary tension in hard times.

Our charges, which will be a percentage of the rental, will vary from country to country depending on the cost-of- living index of that particular country, e.g. in Hong Kong our charges will be 5%.

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We maximize your investment and let you get on with your life

Our philosophy is simple; we look after your property as if it were
our own.  This means always selecting the best quality tenants, achieving the highest market rental, ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition and providing you with prompt, personalized service at all times. 
Our hand-picked, experienced team of property managers provide
the highest level of support to  home owners and tenants.  We
offer good old-fashioned personal service, backed by the latest
technology and systems, giving you the best of both worlds. 
We are thorough and selective in getting tenants
Our team will also help in getting the right tenant for your property. We will assess the current rental market and provide you with an analysis of the highest potential market rental for your property.  Comprehensive reference checking is carried out on all
prospective tenants. Our goal is to maximize your rental return.